Get Fresh, BALL OUT!!!


Living and working in a fast paced world can make it a bit difficult to make the right food choices. It’s important to put good foods into our bodies that fuel and compliment our workouts while curbing our cravings. Here at Freshyfare we want to show you that healthy food can taste decadent. All of our products are Gluten Free, High in Protein and Healthy Fats while Low in sugar and made with only the best ingredients.

Our Story

Freshyfare came to life when our founder Christie couldn’t stand to eat another pre-packaged “protein bar” full of aftertaste.  Our mission is to show customers that healthy snacks can be very delicious! All our products are GUILT FREE, satisfying and made with HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS.  Aside from an everyday snack,  customers also enjoy our natural and protein infused snacks as pre or post workout fuel and/or a meal replacement, because of their satisfying nature.  All of our products are freshly made to order and can be stored in the refrigerator if consumed within a week or frozen for 4 months!